Boom Boom Dance is an episode of Teletubbies.

The Teletubbies laugh at how their chairs squeak and honk when they sit in them. Dipsy gets the transmission and shows the video in his screen. A bunch of people do a dance called "The Boom Boom Dance" to bongo music. Tinky-Winky is taking a nap, and then does the Boom Boom dance when he wakes up. Dipsy is going on a walk, and then does the Boom Boom dance. Laa-Laa is eating Tubby Toast and then she does the Boom Boom dance. Po is riding on her scooter, and then does the Boom Boom dance. The Teletubbies meet up and do the Boom-Boom dance together, even the Noo-Noo joins in. There is no Magical Event as in other episodes, so the "Tubby Bye-Bye" sequence takes place instead and The Baby Sun sets.

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