Soh Daiko Performing "Miyake Daiko"

Soh Daiko Performing "Miyake Daiko"

Plot  Liam And Michael Meet Soh Daiko
Air date  February 12, 2001
Season  Season 5 (2001)
Sponsors  N, P, 15

Scenes Edit

Michael Imbrani has difficulty introducing today's sponsors over a loud, banging noise. He and Liam go to investigate.

In the arbor, the Japanese drumming group Soh Daiko performs a routine for a gaggle of street residents.

Following the performance, Celina introduces the group to Michael and Liam and tells them the group is giving a lesson today on the taiko drums. They're both eager to learn, especially Liam, who wants to create a loud ruckus.

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Everyone is in traditional wardrobe and has their own taiko drum, ready to play. First, one of the Soh Daiko members gives a talk on the origins of the drums and how they work. Then, he instructs them on how to play. Michael takes a while to bang the drum hard enough, but Liam proves to be a natural.

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Everyone continues playing, though Liam wishes it could sound as noisy as before. One member tells him they'll all need to play together and cooperate to accomplish that, an idea that is against Liam's entire belief system as a kid. He's told a special Japanese term he can use as an excuse for playing along with everyone.

Teletubbies Vacation Part 2 Edit

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Everyone puts on a grand performance. Liam is disappointed Soh Daiko now has to leave, wondering how he'll learn to play the drums and create such a noise in their absence. He gets a great idea and tells the drummers to "beat it."

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